Posted on: August 27, 2008 2:15 am

What is up with Rodriguez's?

Two amazing talents. One in the prime of his career and one at the tail end. Both right now are awful. Alex Rodriguez puts up amazing stats when they don't matter. Pudge is old but he is playing like garbage since he has been here. Pudge gets a pass because he has done some great things in his career and led the Marlins to a title and the Tigers to the WS. ARod has not done a damn thing since he has been here. People will get deceived by the stats and awards he had. Yes last year he was great at the beginning of the year in clutch spots and maybe even longer then that. Then came the postseason where he had a grand total of one RBI. This guy makes 30 million but never can hit a sacrifice fly when we need it. The guy has drawn the ire of everyone for that reason. When you make the most money you have to once in a while do something meaningful. He would be a perfect fit for a low market nothing team like the Royals. He would probably hit 60 HR's there with 150 RBI's and finish in last place because that is where he belongs. ARod is the biggest loser to ever play on the Yankees and I don't mean that as a childish vulgarity.
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